Price: $95- Scholarships are available up to 75% of cost as needed! Campers must submit a scholarship form to receive a scholarship.

Trip Dates: October 13th-15th

Lopez Island is one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest, and this trip allows campers to explore it to their heart's content. Come spend the weekend playing games, meeting new people, and biking. We'll go on a beach walk, find hidden treasure at the island's recycling center, and have campfires and dance parties!


Price: TBD

Trip Dates: November 10th-12th

Whether you've never climbed before or climbing is your one true calling come on this three day rock climbing bonanza. Campers learn beginning rock climbing skills in a safe environment and have a great time! 


Price: TBD

Trip Dates: December 8th-10th

Survival is a fun and adventure filled two night trip located at Camp Edwards, where campers, on a team with two student leaders, learn outdoor skills like fire building, shelter building, knot tying, first aid and Leave No Trace principals while camping out with their team. It is an awesome outdoor experience whether it’s your first time camping or you’re an accomplished explorer!


Price: TBD

Trip Dates: February 2nd-4th

Siberia is POST's only snow camping trip! Learn how to stay safe, stay warm, and have fun even when its 6 months away from summer.

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Price: TBD

Trip Dates:  April 6th-8th

Take a trip to the Ape caves near Mt. St. Helens and explore the wonders of the caving world.

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Price: TBD

Trip Dates: May 4th-6th

We are bringing back the Lake Diablo Kayaking trip! Spend your days kayaking on Lake Diablo, a super scenic lake in the North Cascades. Hike across beautiful trails, float along a vibrant blue lake, and enjoy the sounds of a rushing waterfall.


Price: $245 - Scholarships are available up to 100% of cost as needed! campers must submit a scholarship form to receive a scholarship.

Trip Dates: First session: May 12th-16th // Second session: May 17th-21st

Desert school is a week long 9th grader only trip located in Eastern Washington. Campers learn to rock climb, kayak, hike, and learn interesting information about the terrain and history of Eastern Washington.



Price: $155

Trip Dates: August 29th-September 1st, 2017

Ramblewood is an exciting summer trip. Similar to Desert School, campers of all grade levels participate in activities such as hiking, kayaking, ping pong tournaments, and more!

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Location: Whidbey Island

Trip Dates: September 8th-10th