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Spring Lopez

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The equivalent of Fall Lopez, but in warmer weather! The Lopez Island trip is always a good time. Not having a particular structure or schedule is what makes it so great, as there is something for everyone. Bike and play games, or if you're not huge on sports, chill out on the beach and play cards. Lopez is traditionally a less intense POST trip, filled with campfires and dance parties. Located on the beautiful island of Lopez in the San Juan's, this trip is always a great kick off to the year!

Lopez is a two night trip, leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. We take the ferry from Anacortes to Lopez and walk to Odlin campground, conveniently located a mile from the ferry terminal. There are designated sleeping areas for both genders, and all tent groups are gender separated.

On Saturday, all participants do community service for the campground, either in the form of beach clean-up or trail maintenance. We believe there is a lot of value in having our campers contribute to conserving the environment surrounding us. Campers may also bike to Lopez Village in the afternoon. Thrift shops, a stellar bakery and a cool abandoned barn to explore keep everyone busy. One of the coolest parts of Lopez is the dump, where campers have been said to find Birkenstocks.

No matter who you are or what you like, Lopez has something for you to do and people for you to meet. Usually in late September or early October, the sun is usually still out and shining! Get your bike out and come on a weekend of fun. Contact trip lead Richard Wang with any questions or concerns.

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