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Desert School

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How does a four-day vacation under the blazing hot sun sound? Well, mix that together with kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking and you have Desert School. Located in the picturesque Sun Lakes State Park in Eastern Washington, Desert School is school away from school. But instead of classrooms and lectures, students learn by exploring and experiencing the environment.

Unlike any other POST trip, Desert School is a trip with exclusively freshmen campers. There are two four-day sessions, with about 60 post staff on each session.

Desert School is a great way to meet new people and also hang out with your buddies. All participants sleep in gender separated cabins and are broken into 6 coed groups during the day, all headed by experienced staff members.

Groups participate in two activities each day. This could be a study session or a couple hours kayaking on beautiful Deep Lake. It could be a Biology hike where you learn the intricate ecology and biology of the seemingly arid Sage Brush Steppe, or a Geology hike emphasizing the natural history and formation of the area. Another favorite activity is rock climbing. Trained adult rock climbers and student rock staff teach you everything you need to know to climb anything from a beginner run to more advanced climbs.

But some of the most fun isn't structured or planned. Whether it's a water balloon fight or a game of ultimate Frisbee, free time is great. Last year, there was a three-on-three basketball tournament with prizes galore. Or how about a watermelon eating contest? Anything is possible when surrounded by your friends and a ton of fun staff members and teachers.

To make up for the work missed in science classes, every participant must complete a natural history assignment on the trip. Three activity blocks are devoted to studying, so all campers and staff have a lot of time to keep up in regular school.

Every year this trip get's filled up.  Students only get one chance to go; every year there are tons of people who wish they had signed up. Don't miss out!

Contact Nicole Burns at 206-979-7783 with any questions, or if you want more information about the trip.

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