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Trail Tales

Trail tales

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FAll survival 2016 trip

fall lopez 2016 trip

        Fall Lopez 2016 turned from a potential disaster, into one of the most successful trips to date. Over 100 campers signed up, and 12 amazing chaperones helped out too. It was pouring rain the entire time, but the campers embraced the weather with smiles, and made the best of it. They threw on their DIY trendy trash bag ponchos, and were good to go.

        Saturday morning, campers and staff woke up, and got to work shoveling gravel, clearing paths, and cleaning up the beach. Later they biked into town for lunch.

“My highlight would probably be when my car got stuck in a ditch and I had to get about 15 staff and campers to help me push it out,” said staff member Caroline Sharp.

        Lopez is a pretty laid back trip, but it’s unique because the unstructured framework gives the campers free time to explore the island and create their own adventures.

        Of course, the fun followed them to the ferry docks as they got surprise extra bonding time while waiting five hours due to two ferries breaking down.

“It was okay because people played fliers by the dock and it was dry enough that we had both campfires and heard Cameron’s ruminations on,” Lopez trip lead, Neva Olliffe said.

desert School 2016 trip: